7 things most people don't know about the Green Party

1. Greens are a farmer's best friend. Supporting local family farms to feed local communities is good for the rural economy, the community and environment. Greens are major reason why Europe's small farmers are protected and supported. Why not here?

2. Greens are families' best ally. A major priority is a revamped federally-funded universal child care programme that provides workplace daycare where possible.

3. Greens want middle class families to live better by allowing income splitting between partners. A working parent earning $70,000 could split this with their stay-at-home partner and only pay tax on $35,000.

4. Greens are fiscally conservative. Instead of taxing incomes, we want to tax unsustainable practices. Instead of regulations we prefer to use markets with full cost pricing.

5. Greens want to eliminate poverty with a Guaranteed Livable Income for Canadians. This would eventually replace the complex welfare, employment insurance and other support programs.

6. Greens will boost the failing health of our medicare system and strongly oppose two-tier health care. A Green government would immediately train more doctors and nurses and establish qualification standards and on-the-job training to allow certification of foreign trained health care professionals.

7. Greens are ready to lead Canada.
Professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, teachers, and people from just about every other sector are candidates. They used to vote for the other parties but have realized doing the same thing over and over is getting us no where. Greens are part of many governments in other countries.

Why not here?

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